Recovering from back pull

I have taken the basic Pranic healing course and was very convinced with the power of the
healing. However, never had a chance to experience it first hand. 2 weeks ago, I was
travelling to Delhi for a wedding and had planned to stay at my parents place for a week after
that. It was a much awaited vacation as many relatives and friends were going to meet me and
my baby for the first time. Unfortunately, because of wrong postures and excessive heavy
weight lifting through the travel, I suddenly had a back pull. Within a couple of hours, I
found myself immobile on the bed. I consulted doctor and went through physiotherapy
sessions and was told to lose weight else I won’t recover from this pain.
Since I was on bed rest, my child also felt helpless and cried day in and day out as I could not
pick her up and do normal chores for her like bathing, cleaning and changing. At this point, I
contacted Ruchi as I felt that I need some advance level of treatment over what I was doing
on myself.
My healing started on day 2 morning as soon as I gave her my details and it was such a
reassurance that this was working because I could begin to walk the same night after 2
healings. I use to listen to the twin heart meditation at the same time when the healings were
done and the results were amazing. By 4th day, I was ready to bathe my baby and be around
for her.
I wholeheartedly thank Energy Healing for helping me. I could enjoy the remaining of my
vacation as I healed faster than the doctor’s claimed.
Many thanks !

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