Pulmonary Hypertension, inability to breathe and poor blood oxygen levels

Dear All,

Would like to share below Healing Testimonial of my brother’s new born baby who was
suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension, inability to breath and poor blood oxygen levels.

“My brother’s wife gave birth to a baby girl on Oct 7th 2013. As her mother acquired gestational
diabetes, the doctor took baby out three weeks earlier than the planned delivery date.

The baby was born with Pulmonary Hypertension which is a very rare problem. Apparently
only one in every 1500 have this issue. The baby was born with a lot of weight and she was
struggling to breath properly, she was put in pediatric ICU to provide her with oxygen. She
quickly turned blue due to inability to breath. Our troubles and worries started from then. The
doctors mentioned that her right ventricle is weak and the blood oxygen level is very poor.
Ever since she was born, she was separated from her mother and was in the ICU with all wires
attached to her for pumping in oxygen and glucose. A week had passed in ICU and the doctors
weren’t very hopeful about her survival. They gave a 75% to 25% survival chance for her which
wasn’t good news for us.

By God’s grace, I remembered Energy Healing just on time and immediately called my ex-ADP
colleague Ruchi who had introduced me to Energy Healing earlier. She was very warm and
understanding and took all the details of the case. They took up the healing case and started
healing right away. Much to our liking, the baby started improving immediately and within a
week she improved quite significantly. Doctors performed all the tests which came just fine. She
was discharged and was sent home to unite with her mother.
It’s been a month after she got home and the baby is hale and healthy and is bringing so
much joy to the entire family. Thanks to the great Spiritual Gurus, Guru of Pranic healing
and to especially those who have devoted their lives to this cause with extreme dedication to
make other’s lives better”.

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