Pneumonia healed

Manideep is 3 years 4 months old. We joined him in school last June. As with any child, he meets several children in school he used to get cold, cough, fever etc. frequently. We used to take him to doctor, sometimes antibiotics were need to treat him. High fever started coming to him on 16th Dec and also his breathing was not normal. We thought it would go away with regular medicines but it came back after couple of days.

We requested for the healings to be done. We also consulted doctor the same day, he advised x ray and blood tests. We waited for the reports until the next day while his healing was being performed. This time X-ray showed a pneumonia patch in lungs; his blood reports were also very bad.

Doctor advised to admit him in the hospital. While the doctor said this, Mandeep’s fever was in control and he was also active due to healing. After discussion with Sanjil we decided to go with healing and not admit him in the hospital. Cough and cold were controlled in a week time with increased healing frequency (twice a day) and he started going to school the next week.

To make sure that the infection was cured we repeated the X- ray and blood tests after 2 weeks. This time the blood reports showed no sign of infection. The x-ray showed some haziness in lungs (no pneumonia signs). We continued the healing to control cough and related symptoms for few weeks.

He is doing well now and going to school and no signs of cough and cold. His pneumonia was cured using healing only without any antibiotics. We did buy the medicine but kept it safe☺. The healing took place distantly with discussion/feedback on the emails. We are thankful to Energy Healing

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