My mother’s experiences with therapeutic yoga

Thanks to my mother, I get to do inner wellness therapeutic Yoga regularly.
From the time my mother joined this yoga. She feels very happy at emotional level. At a physical
level, her diabetes and the aches and pains of her body are healed to a great extent. She is
healthier and happier.

She has been doing Yoga at various places for more than 36 years now. However, what she likes
best about doing inner wellness therapeutic Yoga is that each and every part of the body as well
as all the chakras are addressed and healed with cleaning, energizing and healing affirmations
along with physical exercises synchronized with Pranic breathing.

Most importantly, her ability to forgive and let go has tremendously improved. She also likes the
way the positive affirmations are reiterated every day. My mom is 66 years young and vibrant in spirit! Her name is Sarojini.

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