My experiences

Dear All,
I would like to share my experiences with the Energy Healing Journey so far.
After doing Basic Energy Healing workshop I healed my sister (distant healing) for extreme
tiredness using Basic course healing techniques. When I contacted her the next day, she said that
all day the previous day, she was feeling very tired and felt that she would get fever but suddenly
in the evening after the healing she felt much better. I felt immensely happy that Pranic healing
has really changed the lives of many including myself.
I had many more successful healing experiences and was excited to learn more to make healings
effortless and more powerful. I took up the advanced workshop, and soon after that Crystals and
psychic self defense.
This is one experience I would like to share. One day, my daughter came home from school and I
noticed that she was having fever. There were no symptoms of cold. That night I did Advanced
healing as I was not sure whether I could use crystals. That night apart from healing we just gave
her paracetamol tablets till next day 10 am. She did not take any medicine after that.
On consulting Ruchi I was encouraged to use crystals instead of hands. I did one healing using
crystals at around 10.30 am. There was still some temperature, but we did not give any medicine.
In the evening I did another healing with crystals and the temperature came to normal. Next day
she went to school. As advised by Ruchi, I did one more maintenance healing the next day after
which by the grace of God and thanks to Pranic healing she completely recovered.
With healing in my hands I feel so positive and confident, I wish to express my gratitude to
Guru and sincere thanks to Ruchi and Sanjil who have always guided me whenever I needed
help and have answered all my unending queries ever so patiently.
Thanks and God Bless!!
With regards

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