More confident, more responsible and happier

This is a long pending note of thanks to my dear friend Deepti, Ruchi &
Sanjil and Guru.
After my friend Deepti who has learned Pranic healing higher levels
started healing my daughter who is 8 years old, there is an all round
change in her. She has become more confident, more responsible and
more happier.
She herself told me that she now learnt how to laugh. She was always
shy to make friends or speak out in class. But, now, she talks and makes
friends. It was tempting to chalk it under coincidence but she was made
a Leader for her primary wing in the very first few days after healing
started. Soon after, her teachers who have been noticing her for 5 years
now noticed an instantaneous change in her. They were very surprised
and thought that just the designation has brought all the changes. And, I
giggled within 🙂
Thanks Deepti for the thorough healing.
Thanks Ruchi and Sanjil for making all this reachable.
Thanks Guru for the seemingly small miracles that lead to big changes.

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