Miraculous healing of fracture

My 14 yr old daughter had a fracture about 10 weeks ago. Actually, it was a bad fall.. in her left foot alone, there were 2 fractures, 3 ligament tears.

Along with the cast and medication as done by a normal doc , I got her healing also done. The doc initially said after 6 weeks, we will have to do physiotherapy, and she may not be normal in 6 weeks etc. He said I am not taking the situation in its correct severity when I asked that if she would be back to normalcy after 6 weeks.

When we went for the removal of the cast after 6 weeks, the doctor tested her for pain in the foot and made her walk. He was totally surprised and kept on saying its a miracle, just could not believe himself that there is no pain for her and she can walk.

He did recommend a boot to wear for another 6 weeks but he said its mainly for his comfort rather than the state of the foot. No physiotherapy was needed.

Thank You Deepti.
Thank You IWC.
Thank You Guru.

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