Life changing

I am Hameed Yar Khan from Golconda, Hyderabad, who learn BASIC PRANIC HEALING on 28 & 29th
December 2013. I am thankful to the Pranic healing Guru’s Guru and the knowledge, whatever i have
learned has changed my life.
Everyday TWIN-HEART MEDIATATION change my way to see the things. now am more happy, stress free,
better control on emotions and have enhanced self confidence.
I have treated my family members/friends with the BASIC PRANIC HEALING as per the protocol given in the
book, like Fever, Bed-wetting, Knee pain, Headache, General sweeping (make’s the patient calm, relax, tension
free and happy) and receive effective results after treatment.
I am looking forward to learn Advance Energy Healing in the month of February.

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