Learned the “way of life”


I have been introduced to this exactly an year ago. Firstly therapeutic yoga and then all the Energy Healing and Alchemy Yoga courses. The best part of it is, it teaches you “a way of life- a new way and a positive way of looking
at things”. A difficult situation an year ago seems so simple and easy now. My confidence level have gone up significantly and an attitude that ” if a thing that you wish happens it is anyway ‘good’, but if it doesn’t happen- ‘never
mind next time’…”

1. Healing My daughter: My elder daughter had health issues for the past 6 years and we would have visited n number of doctors till now and probably would have given her loads of medicine with numerous side effects. But due to knowledge of healing and its applications for the past one year the incidence of doctor’s visit are only two: My daughter 11 year old has severe migrain and sinus issues. Any physical activity would trigger headache and it has become a major handicap. She would come home and crash after every dance class. I have tried out several ways from the teachings of energy healing and the following seems to work consistently.

1. I do a general sweeping for her before the dance class
2. Give her steaming to unblock sinus with 2 drops of lavender
3. Go for dance class and return
4. For a dull head ache post the class I gently massage her head, temples, throat and chest
with lavender oil mixed with coconut oil
5. This relaxes her immediately
6. If she has more headache, I do a general sweeping and clean and energise the
front, back solar plexus and head. Then massage with lavender oil.
7. Within 15 min she is up and doing her activities

Earlier after dance classes, she used to sleep and only wake up the next morning. We
seem to have conquered the problem in a natural and independent way.

2. Having strong Will
I have explained the importance of “Will” to both my daughters. Along with the above protocol, I was asking my daughter to tell herself that ” I am fine and I will be fine”. I have observed that the fear of her headache has reduced for herself.

3. The lavender, eucalyptus oil combination has worked greatly for cold and cough. I combined few drops of both the oils to coconut oil, and gently massaged throat ,temples and ajna chakras. Within 15min there was great relief from nose block. I did it consistently for 2 days day and night along with steaming and the cold and cough
subsided without external medication.

Thanks for reintroducing us to our old time-honored methods which gives me the power of healing in my hand.

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