Inspirational happening

Hi All,
Would like to share this success story… My sister delivered a baby boy after completing only 8
months (premature delivery). The boy was not taking milk properly after he was born and was
underweight (only 1.2 kg) and the main reason for his early birth was that his weight for the last 15
days in the mother womb was decreasing.
After he was born, we couldn’t see any improvement for the first 5 days even in the Ventilator.
We thought of Energy Healing and gave the case for healing. We were suggested to go for 2 healing
sessions daily as the case was critical. After the healing started, the baby boy’s intake of milk
gradually improved with slow weight gain. After 1 week, he was more stable.
We continued daily sessions for almost 2 weeks and he was out of danger. Now he is 1 month old and
is doing great.
“Thanks a lot to this System and to the people who are making life beautiful” is a simple
sentence but it was an incredible happening in our life.
PS : This is the message from my sister who is a Medical DOCTOR.
“Thanks for everything you have done for my baby. I owe you a lot. Energy Healing worked very well
and I have clearly observed it with every episode of healing. thank you so much once again”

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