Hypothyroid healed

When tested my hypothyroid test was positive on January 2014 with TSH reading 8.76 while T3 and T4 were in range. Doctors advised me medication, but I was not very comfortable with taking lifelong allopathic medication.

I wished my health recover without any medicines. As a student of basic Pranic healing this feeling became stronger and so I joined Arhatic Prep-1 and advance Pranic healing workshop to do the self healing more effectively. In addition to my self-healing and meditations I also requested for professional healing on 19th February 2014.

Before the healing started THS reading was 8.76. All the symptoms (Sneezing in morning, fatigue, laziness, heaviness) vanished within a weeks of healing. After a month on 21st march 2014, I got test done again, The TSH reading was 3.79 without any medication, in addition to daily professional healings I sincerely followed my practices (self healings, Arhatic breathings and twin-heart and soul meditation alternatively as told
to me by the healer).

I’m very happy after my result, my family and relatives are surprised by these good results. I am so grateful to my healer for healing me and to Guru’s teachings on healing and spirituality.

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