Hypothyroid cured

Hi Sanjil,
Namaste !
I wish to share that my thyroid problem has been cured by twin heart meditation in
combination to soul meditation.
In Jan 2014 I was suffering from a very bad frozen shoulder which was disrupting a lot of my
daily work … I went to two doctors and followed their medication and exercises for one one
month but nothing was working and the things were going from bad to worse . Meanwhile
one of my friend residing in Bangalore performed some distant healing for three sessions and
I found significant improvement. She only, suggested for going for thyroid test, which
showed my TSH level at 7.97 . As usual all the doctors suggested taking medicine for
hypothyroid which would then continue for life .
Till then I already had seen the wonders of Energy Healing . So I did the Level 1 course in July
2014 and started with twin heart meditation . Subsequently I did other courses also and kept
on with twin heart and soul meditation . This year Feb when I rechecked , T3 , T4, TSH was
very much within limits, TSH being 5.17 which shows the effectiveness of twin heart for
physical ailments.
I have seen the effectiveness of Energy healing for childhood asthma also .The child was
relatively cured within three sessions of distant healing .
Thanks and Regards,

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