Hypothryoid healed

Hello All,
It was me who had the below said conversation with Doctor at a Hospital.
To begin with, Testimony is the only way to share the miracles Pranic healing,
apologies for not writing the testimony.
I was diagnosed with thyroid as per report THS was 6.09 (biological range 0.35-
5.5) and T3, T4 are very much in limits. As me and my family were already
following Pranic healing, i have contacted Inner Wellness Circle for healing.
After first month healing, to my surprise the THS level gone up and as per advice
from IWC, I went to see a specialist at Yashoda Hospitals for getting further
diagnosis. There I had the below specified conversation.
Doctor said, we can’t cure the thyroid problem without medication and also we
should be using medication for very longer times.
With next month’s alternate day healing, the THS levels came down and now i am
free from thyroid without using any kind of medicine. Thanks to Pranic healing
and Inner Wellness Circle.

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