Healing Vein Thrombosis

Namaste Everyone
I am Shalini. Sharing today with you all, the joys of practicing PRANIC healing. I am
fortunate to have encountered this practice through my childhood friend Divleen. On many
occasions, I have witnessed the divine blessings through the practice of Twin heart
Meditation, which has strengthened my faith more. I did my basic course followed by Prep 1
. Since then I have been doing sharagati prayer.
Very recently my husband developed superficial vein thrombosis. His entire calf area was
hard n reddish vein was visible swollen from ankle to mid-thigh. He was unable to walk
properly n doctor suspected some clot formation. Having faith in Pranic healing, I asked my
friend to give healings for the same.
With each healing, his condition improved. The redness, hardening was immensely reduced
and in 7-8 healings, he was much relieved. The Doppler test was negative for clot formation.
And soon he recovered and was back to his routine chores.
Thankful and grateful to Guru Parampara for blessing us with the divine blessings.
Sharnagati prayer helped me in getting my daughter’s admission in school (which initially
was refused coz of no vacancy) and further finding a decent accommodation in place of my
Thanks to Guru, for passing on to us the gift of the divine science in the form of Pranic
Healing and for becoming channels of peace n love

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