Healing severe back pain

Dear Ruchi and Sanjil Jee
I would like to share my experiences as a student, practitioner, and of course as a patient 🙂 – of
Pranic healing
4-5 months back I developed severe back pain which was diagnosed as disc bulge. Initially i
tried pain killers and muscle relaxants and it got ok but after 2 months this problem reoccurred
and was worse this time. Doctor suggested physiotherapy and if that didn’t work then surgery…..
the very thought of which scared me a lot.
I was advised loads of precautions which practically stopped my normal life. In this tough time i
somehow knew that before anything else i should first try Pranic healing so i requested Ruchi
dee to take-up my healing .Miraculously the very first healing gave me a lot of relief from the
horrible pain. Ruchi dee and Sanjil sir told me that it might take three months to completely cure
this problem, but to my surprise i got completely healed within one month of regular healings
from them and now I was able to bend forward , pick heavy things ,do long hour driving and sit
for long hours in office.
I have also experienced the power of “sharnagatii” prayer which I will share separately.
From core of my heart i want to thank our beloved Guru and my Pranic healing teachers Ruchi
dee and Sanjil sir for all their teachings, blessing and healing and also my sister for introducing
me to this wonderful practice.
Thanks to this experience my faith has deepened and I regularly practice Pranic healing on me
and my family with very positive results.
It is my strong conviction that learning basic Pranic healing should be made mandatory by our
government so that these beautiful teachings in form of blessings reach as many people as
I have great regard for people who have taken Pranic healing as their profession.
May master keep on showering his blessing on all of us and connecting more and more souls
with Pranic healing.

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