Healing Prolapsed Uterus

Hi All,
I am Mrs Rajeshwari Vinayakan. I am 61 yrs old.
Last year, I was diagnosed with 3rd degree prolapsed uterus and was suggested to go for
immediate surgery. I am a Pranic healer myself for the past 10 years. I myself used to advice
people not to go into surgery without trying Pranic healing. So I wanted to do the same with
my case. I could not get in touch with IWC for about 6 days; I just took rest and
kept self healing myself during that period although I was profusely bleeding.
Finally I called up IWC and immediately got an appointment, although the condition was
bad, still distant Energy Healing sessions were scheduled for me. Once the sessions started the
bleeding slowly started to reduce the very next day. Within a week, a basic class was
announced, I have experienced previously people getting healed during the class, and I
wanted to attend it. In the class usually a lot of healing angles and higher beings are present. I
attended the class and kept doing prayers for my healing, instructive healings etc. My
professional healings were also done when I was in the class. After the second day of class
got over, I came home and went to the loo, and my uterus was pulled back, and since then, I
am as new as ever. The healings continued for few weeks more and then was tapered down
and stopped.
I am ever grateful to Pranic healing. I remember one of my very close friends had similar
problem and went to surgery, and she still has problems, like some piece coming out
sometimes. Also her urinary bladder had problems. Etc. so thank you thank you Guru
for giving us the gift of Pranic healing.
Rajeshwari Vinayakan

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