Healing Fever and Breathlessness

This is overdue testimony from our side.
I like to extend my deepest gratitude to Inner Wellness Circle and Energy Healing for healing
our son.
Our son was very sick and couldn’t breathe when we admitted him to the hospital. He was is
ICU, doctors were not sure of the problem and after giving different treatments by the doctors
there was no improvement even after 48 hours. One of our family member told us about
Energy Healing and Inner Wellness Circle and asked us to request them for healing.
We are located at Mumbai, we contacted Inner Wellness Circle to help us with healing, they
agreed and after few distant healing sessions which were done every three hours we saw
significant progressive improvement in less than 24 hours. After a day doctors even
removed oxygen mask as our son could breathe without any oxygen support and he came
home is 3 days time and was running around like normal, with no sign of any weakness.
Even doctors were surprised to see such improvement in short time.
One thing I must say that our interactions with healers were very friendly. They were very
helping and understanding which further helped us during this difficult time.
Since we have seen the miracle of healing so it also inspired us to learn about Pranic
Healing and soon we will be attending the Basic healing classes to help us and others.
Again want to thank Inner Wellness Circle and all the healers involved in healing our son
from the bottom of our hearts to help us in such a difficult situation.
Kind Regards
Vijaya and Nitin Nigam

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