Healing effect on immense body pains, cough and cold

Dear All,
On the night of 24th October 2013 while visiting IIT BHU for work related trip, I developed
some throat infection. I slept at GTAC guest house of IIT-BHU, AC was on and I had a good
sleep the whole night. When I woke up in the morning, I realized that there is some
irritation in my throat. Within
1/2 to 1 day, I got coughing, tremendous pain in shoulders and hands.
I tried some Ayurvedic medicines and oil based blend for massage based on the suggestion of a
friend who is knowledgeable in this area. I even took Allopath pain killer as advised. For
one day I just took Ayurvedic Medicines and Allopath Pain Killer but pain was not going away
though I was getting temporary relief.
I then was advised to get my Energy Healing done! I immediately requested through phone call
for Energy Healing sessions. Two healing sessions were done on me distantly from Hyderabad,
one in the night and one in the morning. To my amazement, when I woke up the next morning,
pain from my right shoulder was completely gone! Some pain was remaining in the left
shoulder. In the second healing session, within 5-10 minutes, even the pain in left shoulder
had gone away completely!
I had heard about its miracles in cases related to others, but for me this was the second
experience and it was really a miracle.
I am really grateful to system of energy healing which works even crossing the barrier of
physical distance.

With Regards
Devansh Mittal |

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