Healing chronic cough

Dear all ………
Namaste ………….
I want to share a wonderful experience with Pranic healing. From last
one week my father was suffering from cough and cold he had taken many
syrups , consulted doctor, taken nebulizer and all the treatment he
can do but it made the situation only worse and it got converted to
dry cough.
Even though I have confidence in healing, this time I let him try all
these things. Usually when I do healing he tends to think that all the
other things he is doing (apart from healing) are working.
Once at night around 12:30 he started coughing, I thought enough is
enough and I did his first healing at that time of chronic cough
mentioned on page no 177 of advanced Pranic healing book he got
immediate relief, he relaxed and had a sound sleep. The next day his
situation was a lot better, I continued healing him and he recovered
completely after 2 more healings done for maintenance.
Now he is totally fine started his daily routine and morning walk and
have become a strong believer of Pranic healing .
I would like to thanks Guru and my spiritual teachers for their
guidance and healing .

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