Healing chickenpox

I am in 12th class from Chandigarh.
When I was in 11th class, on 7th March 2013 I had returned from giving my final Maths
Examination there were watery blisters on my face, back and head which we realized to be as
Chicken Pox.
First 2 days there was backache and breaking pain in the legs along with high fever.
On the 3rd day blisters had spread all over my back and head which made lying down and
getting up extremely painful. There were watery blisters all over my body including my mouth
and inside the throat.
Immediately we discussed with Ruchi Mausi and my healing was started by Ruchi Mausi; my
extended family members. We had full faith in Energy Healing and hence there was no intake of
Allopathic medicines during the disease.
After healing sessions, there was no pain in legs and Back. And there was no fever the next day.
Pranic healing gave me strength from weakness and relief from the pain in all the blisters. I was
able to study for my exam (which was on 13th March, Physics paper) after the healing sessions. I
successfully completed my exams.
Now there are no scars on my face and other scars on my body have become light, though it is
said that watery blisters always leave deep scars.

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