Dengue & frozen shoulder

Dear All,
My experiences on the journey of Energy Healing which started few months back. My
daughter is into this system from sometime and she keeps on telling me that these
teachings shows miraculous results and even I saw her doing some healings but
couldn’t understand what actually it is. I always use to think how it can work. Sitting far
away how can somebody get healed? I couldn’t understand unless it comes on me.
I was suffering from high fever in month of October 2013; my health was going down
day by day. Finally got hospitalized and was diagnosed with DENGU. My platelet count
was 1 lakh 30 thousand which further reduced to 66 thousand. Soon after the diagnosis
my healing was started distantly. And to my surprise, at the time of healing, I feel the
difference in myself. I used to feel little more energized and better and my fever was
gone, though platelets count was still less but improved to 77 thousand in just one or
two sitting of healing. And in just 5 days I was completely recovered. To my knowledge
Dengu cannot be healed so quickly. It takes atleast a month to recover. Then I thought
of attending the course and learn healing myself.
Then in April 2014, I planned to visit Hyderabad to my daughters place. There I
attended the basic healing course at Innerwellness circle. Before attending this course, I
was suffering from frozen shoulder problem which persisted from quite few months. I
used to get pain in my left shoulder and my hand was not at all in the moving state. Just
after attending the course, I started applying basic healing protocol on my frozen
shoulder daily. I continued doing this for next three months and my shoulder is
completely healed. No pain now and I can move my hand freely as before. My problem
was completely cured without any medical treatment.
Feeling so blessed to have these teachings. Planning to take advance healing courses
now 🙂

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