Curing burn through healing

First and foremost thanks to Ruchi for healing me today.
Whenever I used to see people writing testimonials I used to wonder when will I start doing
and practicing on a regular basis. Here comes yet another reason for me to take the practices
Today I had severe hand burns. The pain was so much that I just was near the cold tap water.
I couldn’t give my son proper bath because i kept the burnt fingers in the mug of cold water
and if I removed the finger from cold water it used to burn so much . I was just jumping
around the house out of severe severe burning. I couldn’t not resist anymore.
IWC came to rescue and healed me, the relief is so much now that I just cannot seek a
miracle more than this.
I have not followed the practices regularly and this one incident is full proof for me to do the
healing practices regularly and can save many people’s suffering.
Thanks to Guru, Ruchi and Sanjil for teaching these priceless Pranic healing.

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