Brought good health and confidence back in my life

Atma Namaste

I am V.Sravani of 24 years old and working as Software engineer. I would like to share
my experiences in the tenure of learning healing. When i have joined yoga i have many health issues like digestion, gastric trouble, frequent cold cough and fever.

I also have lot of mental stress and negative thinking. And with the continues practice of
healing yoga i have overcome all these. My lifestyle had changed a lot and now i could take everything positively.

I am very much delighted to learn Pranic healing. I did my basic and advanced healing
courses which are very good and planning to learn further. After the basic healing course i came to know the importance of healing we do in yoga. I have amazing experiences during the course time. My favorite part of the course was Law of Karma.

Experience with Lavender oil:
Head Ache relief
I will wake up with headache and it will continue throughout the day. I feel like i have a big weight on my head when i got the head ache. I have this problem since 2 years.

Ruchi suggested me to use Lavender oil and i applied just 2 drops on my ajna chakra
while i am getting to sleep. It gives me instant relief throughout the day and i feel de stressed and very light.

Everyone wants a healthy and happy life. Through my healing and proper diet i have
achieved both. Healing was really miraculous.

I would like to thank my Guru and my teachers Ruchi & Sanjil. I feel as I am blessed to get them as my teachers.

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