Awesome experiences

Atma Namaste to one and all,

In Dec 2015, when I approached Inner wellness centre, I was suffering from
1. Very high sugar levels, fasting > 280, in spite of using 60 units of insulin.
2. Severe pain, swelling in my lower legs. Many other complications.
3. Severe muscle stiffness in legs, it was so difficult to sit down and stand.
4. Was very much worried and depressed about my life and health condition as I am 34 years

Since Dec 2015, I am practicing therapeutic yoga regularly and taking healings. In Feb 2016, I had to take a break due to spine problem, but I became healthy in 3 weeks, and continued practicing yoga. Now, my sugar levels are around 200, with only 30 units of insulin.

Soon I will be free from insulin and will be enjoying a very healthy life. I feel energetic and my muscular system is healthy now.I am filled with peace and love. My perception towards problems is positive now and I react
to situations differently now.

Many Many thanks to Ruchi and Sanjil with full faith and gratitude. I would also like to share my experiences while practicing therapeutic yoga at Inner wellness center. A little longer email, but I could not resist my happiness and
excitement. Many thanks to Radhika, my yoga guru. Once again many thanks to Ruch and Sanjil, for providing such a purified and energized place for practicing yoga.

Each passing day, I am experiencing a miracle kind while practicing yoga. Here the list goes

1.divine energy pouring from top of my head onto entire body and my dirty energy is flushed.
2.Visualized dirty/grey colour energy going out of my crown, heart and solar plexus chakra
3. Visualized solar plexus chakra as flower, trying to open up, but the outside of petals filled
with dirty energy.
4. Visualized solar plexus chakra opening, but with some sticky dirty patches here and there.
5. Visualized solar plexus chakra completely opened, with inner petals in light green and
outer petals in light blue colour. I understood the meaning of inner peace only then.
6. Visualized chakras rotating in clock-wise direction when we energize them.
7. My crown chakra is having 2 layers of petals, outer layer is bigger one, and inner layer on
top of it is golden colour. When we do twin heart meditation, both heart chakra and this inner
layer of petals resemble same in golden colour.
8. Could feel a thin beam of light coming from top through my crown chakra.
9. When blessing my house, visualized dirty energy going out of my house.
10.One day, I felt, I am covered in a light white bright coloured bubble, and all dirty energy
was not able to enter into it. May be I became aware of my aura and now my aura is healthy.
11. I could see minor chakras as well, like jaw, knees etc.
12. felt, a chord with black seeds at end coming out of my solar plexus chakra, I tried pulling
it out and cutting and submit to god.
13. Felt a pot pouring light white-violet colour liquid into my heart and crown chakra.
14. Felt, white colour ball sitting at centre of my both front and back solar plexus chakra.
15. I could feel higher soul and the gap between my higher soul and crown chakra.
16. Initially, I saw only one angel, but now I see 2 angels guiding and helping me while doing
17. Today, I felt a golden flower rotating around 10 inches above my crown chakra.
Many thanks to the divinity for putting me into right path.

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