Avoiding hospitalization

I attended basic healing level 1 and Arhatic prep 1 workshops a while ago and am fascinated by
the science behind these teachings. I thought it is prudent to share my healing experience from
last month with all.
I suffered from fever, cold and body pains for more than 10 days last month. I visited the doctor
multiple times during this period and took medicines… also got all suggested diagnostic tests
done. Temperature and body pains used to be in check as long as I took medicines and would
come back when I stop. Finally, when the situation did not get any better, after 10 days, doctor
suggested it looked like a resistance strain bacterial infection and I need to get admitted into the
hospital. He mentioned managing fever without antibiotics-through-IV is going be very difficult.
All through this episode, it crossed my mind many times to try healing but I did not make the
call. Guess I had to go through the pain.
Eventually I went for healing and explained what I was going through. I was suggested to start
with two healings per day and apply lavender oil on all the chakras for balancing. First healing
was done that night and it was really a pleasant surprise that there was no more fever by next
morning. I stopped taking the medicines at this time and I slowly got out of general weakness
and body pains also within 3, 4 healings.
I am glad I finally decided to try healing and went for it 
Naren Biruduraju

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