Avoided surgery

I was suffering from cold for about a month due to trips made to places of very low temperature during
December 2013. After about a month, I developed blocked ears due to which my hearing also got mildly
affected. On consulting the doctor, I was given a course of antibiotics. My ear block got no better so after
about two weeks took another course of antibiotics on doctor’s advice.
I again went to the doctor as I still had the problem. The doctor on examination told me that he would
have to do a surgery as due to the sinus there was a lot of liquid in the head and ear area which has to be
removed. As I was very busy I could not undergo the surgery immediately.
My sister Sudha told me about Energy Healing and encouraged me to try. I requested for the Pranic
Healing sessions distantly. Seeing my case two healing a day was recommended. We started healing
twice a day for a week and exactly after a week, my ears got cleared by 90% and after one more healing
it was perfectly fine. Then we continued with maintenance healing for some time. I am happy that Pranic
healing has helped me to avoid surgery and has effectively healed my sinus and ear block.
I am thankful to this great system for timely help.
NL Narayan

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