Health Mate(स्वास्थ्य सखा)

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स्वास््य सखा (Health mate) brings you a combo of IWC most liked and ready to use aroma oils to take care of your day to day life health issues. This combo includes 4 blends(10 ml each) – Immune boost oil, Healthy joints oil, Respiratory healing mate oil, Healing mate oil.



स्वास््य सखा (Health mate) is an effort of bringing you a combo of IWC most liked ready to use aroma oils in one, easy to use package to take care of your day to day life health issues. These oils have been consecrated with therapeutic energies to give you the maximum results.

Immune boost oil (10 ml)
Some essential oils can be particularly beneficial for the immune system as they are antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal in nature. Not only can they aid in fighting off a wide range of pathogens, but they can also stimulate the immune system by detoxifying and invigorating it. Immune boost is a ready to use diluted to safety combination of many such essential oils.

Apply 3-4 drops on the Solar plexus area (front and back), 2 drops each on Throat area, Navel area and base of the Spine, 1-2 drops each on the Soles of the feet and Palms.

Healthy joints oil(10 ml)
This wonderful oil is very effective in relieving pain of muscles, bones and joints. The oil contains carefully chosen essential oils particularly helpful in repairing damaged joint/muscle tissues by providing oxygen, nutrients, and lipids to the tissues promoting self-recovery and regeneration making it indispensable aid in arthritis, tendon tear, back pain etc.

For muscle, joint pain apply 6-8 drops on the affected area directly. For better results in chronic problems apply twice-thrice a day, every day for several months or until required.

Respiratory healing mate oil(10 ml)
Especially formulated to handle issues related to lungs and respiratory system this oil contains several essential oils particularly good for the health of respiratory system. Use it for problems like simple cold, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, enhancing lung capacity or other lung related problems.
For cough, cold, asthma, lung regeneration, apply 2-3 drops each on forehead and throat area. For lung related problems apply 6-8 drops covering front and back solar plexus, entire lung area. For better results in chronic problems apply twice-thrice a day, every day for several months. For simple problems
apply as and when required, or it can simply be applied on regular basis once in a day to maintain good health of the respiratory system.

Healing mate oil(10 ml)
As the name suggests, this oil acts like panacea. It can be used for various health conditions:
• Get rid of that irritated mood, stress or even anxiety by applying couple of drops on Solar plexus and Throat area. 2-3 times a day. Same can use used for improving sleep quality
• For Cough, cold, throat infections apply 4-5 drops on entire throat area, one drop each on Solar Plexus chakra (hollow portion between the last ribcage) and on Ajna chakra (between the eyebrows) twice a day
• To heal Cuts, & burns quickly apply directly on the affected part multiple times during the day until healed.
• For blissful meditation: experience apply a drop each on Solar Plexus and Ajna chakra before meditation
• To relieve Headaches, add 5-6 drops in any carrier oil and massage on head, the oil is in fact good for hairs as well
• The oil works wonders with Gastric, acidity, stomach pain or digestion issues as well – apply 5-6 drops of healing mate oil on the entire stomach area. Depending on the severity of the problem it can even be applied 2-3 times a day

Precautions: Not be used on children below 3 years and pregnant women. For children between 3-12 years dilute the oil using equal amount of coconut oil.

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  1. Padma Tangirala

    Padma Tangirala

    Gifted to someone .they used itand found it very effective

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