This workshop is not for everyone. Very few are entitled to know, understand and practice these teachings. This reflects in the eligibility criteria. If the details of the workshop sound interesting to you & you qualify the eligibility criteria as mentioned below, which is a very rare combination, this means you have the entitlement for this & you may apply.

Eligibility Criteria

Completed / reviewed Inner Alchemy Yoga Level 2 workshop at IWC and practiced at least for 6 months (especially Inner Breath Meditation).

Good Compatibility & mutual respect between married partners.

Both the partners must have keen interest for using relationship as alchemical process for spiritual growth and for achieving ananda (divine bliss).

Exposure to Therapeutic Yoga is ideal.
Duration Two Days Workshop
Time 9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Language English
Course Fee INR 10,000 for each participant (we know it is high, it is premeditated)
Review fee INR 3,000 each participant
Schedule To be decided for participating couples who meets the entry criteria.

Alchemy is a process of transformation from human to divine. This process can be used to develop one’s spiritual foetus, and hence reaching soul realization.

Ø Vajra Yoga – (Advanced Alchemy version of Therapeutic Yoga)

Ø Perfect Matrimony – Harmony/union at all levels

Ø History and practices in Hinduism, Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Tao, Mahamudra, Tantra and Bihar School of Yoga -Swami Satyananda Saraswati)

Ø Esoteric Dimension of Tantra (polarities of different subtle bodies and its usage in attaining Brahmcharya)

Ø Building the infrastructure

Ø Alchemy Mudra, Alchemy Kriya and Usage of Sacred Mantras (words of power) in the Alchemy process

Ø Process of building Purified Alchemy Nectar, and its usage for health, wealth and wisdom

Ø Using Alchemy process for Goal Materialization

Ø Meaning of Kaamdhenu (wish fulfilling divine Cow)

Ø Meaning of Kalpavriksh (wish fulfilling divine tree)

Ø Alchemy Meditations for couples

Ø Training and practices of strengthening the psychic locks

Ø Natural Family Planning & Conscious conception

Ø Meaning of the some of the Hindu Sacred text

Ø Sanjivini Vidya

Ø Samundra Manthan

Ø Lingastakam

Ø Gayatri and Mahamruitanjaya mantra

Practicing Alchemy Yoga also allows couple to build harmony at all levels & helps bring down Golden Babies as their offspring. There could not be any greater service to humanity than becoming channel for descend of great souls who can help humanity by uplifting many souls to higher levels. This of course helps parent in fast forwarding their own spiritual progress.

And much more in 2 days fun filled workshop.

Registration Process

Workshop will be done on request for married participants (couple) who have completed Inner Alchemy Yoga Level 2.
If you are interested and conform the eligibility criteria, please request for registration by dropping a mail furnishing following information:

  • Day of Birth of both the participants
  • Marriage date

Brahamcharya through Perfect Matrimony

  • To Transform physical union into divine union  Coal -> Diamond. It’s the highest level of truth
  • Lord Padmasambha is also known to be adept in this, he had spiritual consort
  • Very Senior level it is practiced in Kriya Yoga (Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga)
  • Bihar School of Yoga: Swami Satyananda Saraswati mentions this