According to Paramahansa Yogananda, the purpose of marriage is to adorn the soul with golden ornaments. This is the sacred alchemy technique to which the couple will be initiated into. Techniques taught in the workshop will build harmony at all levels for bringing Companionship, Completeness, and Communion into the marital relationship.

It is preparatory level to prepare a couple for higher sacred practices ancient to many traditions, including those practiced by Married Rishis at the Golden era. It is also for the couples who would simply like to lead a life together full of harmony and spiritual growth and take the relationship to a high level.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Both the partners have done TEH Level 1 workshop or equivalent and must be doing regular charities (as taught in TEH Level 1 workshop) to build up karmic entitlement
  2. Both the partners must have keen interest for using relationship as alchemical process for spiritual growth and for achieving marital bliss).

Duration       Two  Days Workshop
Time              9.30 am to 6.30 pm
Course Fee  INR 10,000 for couple (INR 5000/- per person)
Review fee   INR 4,000 for a couple
Schedule      To be decided for participating couples who meet the entry criteria.

Ø  Marriage, its meaning, need, and purpose

Ø  Compatibility and soul mate (how to transform your chosen mate to soul mate)

Ø  Creative energy, its purpose (physical & spiritual), proper attitude and purification

Ø  Transformation from Ordinary couple to Divine couple

Ø  Yoga for Couple [Yogasanas to harmonize physical instrument (body)]

Ø  Build Harmony at all levels for bringing 3 C’s (Companionship, Completeness, and Communion) into the Marital relationship

Ø  Enhancing Marital Bliss through Aromatherapy

Ø  Proper (Aphrodisiac) diet to enhance vitality and strength

Ø  Natural Family Planning

Ø  Conscious conception (Bringing down highly advanced soul in the physical world as offspring)

Ø  Mantras for building entitlement for sacred practices

And much more in 2 days fun-filled workshop.

Registration Process

The workshop will be done on request for married participants (couple) who have completed TEH Level-1.
If you are interested and conform to the eligibility criteria, please request registration by dropping a mail furnishing the following information:

  • Day of Birth of both the participants
  • Marriage date