Amazing Experience

I would like to share my recent experience related to Therapeutic Yoga conducted by Vindhya Sushma: I recently had an opportunity to do therapeutic yoga under Vindhya Sushma’s guidance. It was an amazing experience. I felt healthier and calmer. My overall confidence started to increase and I started to see positive outcome at work. I started therapeutic yoga with her to resolve a chronic skin condition, and I do not see new outbursts. I am very glad that I had a chance to join yoga with her. I had to stop it for personal conflict and can’t wait to start back. Thank you Vindhya…

Awesome experiences

Atma Namaste to one and all, In Dec 2015, when I approached Inner wellness centre, I was suffering from 1. Very high sugar levels, fasting > 280, in spite of using 60 units of insulin. 2. Severe pain, swelling in my lower legs. Many other complications. 3. Severe muscle stiffness in legs, it was so difficult to sit down and stand. 4. Was very much worried and depressed about my life and health condition as I am 34 years old. Since Dec 2015, I am practicing therapeutic yoga regularly and taking healings. In Feb 2016, I had to take a break due to spine…

Success story of conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery

This is my story of successful conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery through Pranic healing & Therapeutic Yoga. This is a long overdue mail with me benefiting from this for more than a year. Since a long I have been preparing to draft this, but it happened only now ☺. This system is not well known and it may be hard to believe unless one experiences its miracle. I hope this will be an inspiration to all those who want to conceive naturally or simply want to live healthy life close to nature or Prana. My desire to have kids started off immediately after…

Effortless conception, no medication required and smooth delivery

Thanks to Inner Wellness Therapeutic Yoga which is based on the concept of Healing. I joined Inner Wellness Therapeutic Yoga sessions to reduce my weight. I wasn’t obese however was in a state of reaching to that level. I heard from many that conceiving is difficult and should go for weight reduction treatment. I joined Therapeutic Yoga sessions and was confident that my wish is going to be fulfilled. I continued for 6 months and noticed that I conceived after 6 months without any medication. Thanks to Ruchi and Sanjil for their teachings. I am sure those who are have issues in conceiving, will…

Improved sensitivity, stamina and activeness

Hi Sanjil & Ruchi, Firstly thank you so much for helping me to get to know about Hatha Yoga at innerwellness circle. It's not even a month that i have joined but have noticed the below which are for sure due to the yoga practice. 1.I am able to sense the energies rushing heavily in my hands whenever I do Invocation. 2.My friends too say that i have become very active in doing things ...yes am able to climb stairs up to 2 stairs more easily comparative to that i used to in past. Thank You once again.

Brought good health and confidence back in my life

Atma Namaste I am V.Sravani of 24 years old and working as Software engineer. I would like to share my experiences in the tenure of learning healing. When i have joined yoga i have many health issues like digestion, gastric trouble, frequent cold cough and fever. I also have lot of mental stress and negative thinking. And with the continues practice of healing yoga i have overcome all these. My lifestyle had changed a lot and now i could take everything positively. I am very much delighted to learn Pranic healing. I did my basic and advanced healing courses which are very good and…

Energized, fresh, feels light and weight loss

I want to share my opinion on yoga which I am practicing from last few months at Inner wellness Circle. I have seen a drastic change in my energy levels in just few days of yoga practicing. I felt I am more energized and fresh thought-out the day in spite of my busy schedule at work and at home. It helps me to reduce my weight and I feel my body lighter than before. The best part of yoga is 15 minutes of meditation which keeps my body and mind balance for the whole day. Thanks a lot for introducing me to Yoga.

My mother’s experiences with therapeutic yoga

Thanks to my mother, I get to do inner wellness therapeutic Yoga regularly. From the time my mother joined this yoga. She feels very happy at emotional level. At a physical level, her diabetes and the aches and pains of her body are healed to a great extent. She is healthier and happier. She has been doing Yoga at various places for more than 36 years now. However, what she likes best about doing inner wellness therapeutic Yoga is that each and every part of the body as well as all the chakras are addressed and healed with cleaning, energizing and healing affirmations along…

Healing Dust Allergy

To my surprise, earlier I used to sneeze whole day with little bit of dust. Last day I have cleaned entire house whole day but did not sneeze even once. As a side effect of pranic healing practices,, my body got rid of dust allergy. This is one of the benefits on health I got.. I got many other benefits as well. Many thanks to Pranic healing and Therapeutic yoga - Sujatha That is absolutely true with me too , for the first time I could attend this year's meditation retreat without sneezing, thank you Therapeutic yoga. - Radhika

Fresh and energetic, tremendous hair growth

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share the yoga experience I had when I joined the therapeutic yoga session in Inner wellness circle. I used to feel extremely fresh and energetic the whole day. My hair growth was tremendous. Sometimes I used to miss out doing the Twin heart meditation at home but after joining the yoga that was taken care of to a large extent. Unfortunately due to certain situations (relocation to US) I could not join for a longer time. Hope everyone takes the advantage of such a beautiful program. Thanx Sanjil and Ruchi

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