My 100 day meditation challenge

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This blog is contributed by Sapna Sinha


I learnt Twin Heart Meditation two and half years back with basic energy healing course but never practiced it due to various reasons or rather excuses created by my own brain. But when I participated in 21day meditation challenge with Geetanjali ma’am on 12th December, I started liking the way it was conducted by ma’am every day. It included gratitude towards a specific thing each day so there was excitement to wait for next session. By 21st day I already started witnessing changes in my behavior. There was a sense of gratitude and love towards everyone.

Next day I was missing the meditation conducted by ma’am so much that I decided to ask her if I can continue with her recordings and she not only approved but encouraged me to continue the meditations. I remembered ma’am once sharing her experience of 100 day meditations and I decided to give it a try. There was no looking back then and here I am today sharing my personal experiences with you all.

Regular meditations has done almost everything I had desired for. Previously I used to ponder about any comment given or argument happened with anyone for weeks. But doing regular meditations made my thoughts neutral. It miraculously improved my relationships with the family members and office colleagues. It reduced my negativity, anger and impulsiveness to the minimum. I find comfortable to deal with the clients, able to understand their requirement easily and explain my views, can make quick presentations, write effective emails and speak confidently in front of people.

I have become more compassionate towards others. My long desire of singing confidently is finally fulfilled. And a secret which you may find silly….I wished frizziness of my hair to be reduced and guess what… It really has happened. So guys it works…it works wonders !!!!

I decided to make meditation a part of my life and would suggest each one to do this. Thank you Geetanjali ma’am for inspiring me so beautifully

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  1. M.Dimpole

    Wowww that’s really awesome experience Sapna

    I too did twin heart’mediation for 55 days but couldn’t continue due to some personal challenges.
    I would love to start again and want to complete my 100 days mediation.
    Thank you so much Geethanjali mam you are the best person I ever met.
    Love and light
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