Understanding Expectations

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A few days back, I was sitting with a sad face. My son came and asked me what happened, why am I looking so dull and sad.
I replied, that I read a book on wish fulfillment. In that book, they discussed the techniques to fulfill our wishes. To try it out, I made a wish that my husband should arrange a candlelight dinner. I chose this wish, because, in the book, it is mentioned to make a wish initially which is not regular and at the same time not very difficult so that the reader can build confidence that the techniques given in the book work.

But, somehow, my wish is not fulfilled and hence, I was sad.

My son paused for a second and said, I know the reason why your wish is not fulfilled.
Reason 1 – Your wish itself is wrong/invalid. You need not make this wish at all, you can directly fulfill it in a simple way, by ordering food and arranging the table, the way you want it. OR book a table and tell daddy about your plan. I am sure in both cases, he would not object in any way. Your wish should be to have candlelight dinner with daddy. You should not worry about who arranges it. So, next time you take care of these points also.
Reason 2 – You are thinking/expecting something, which daddy is not aware of, and you are sad about it, and also a bit angry at daddy for not fulfilling your wish. You can express your wish openly to daddy and have fun.

These statements gave me goosebumps.
I realized how we suffer because of wrong expectations/wrong wishes/goals. We should have expectations, but we suffer due to wrong expectations. Also, I realized how we make our lives complicated with wrong thoughts. Kids are happy because of their simple thinking and clarity.

Contributed by Sujatha Shivapooja

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