My Experiences with Pranic Aromatherapy

Being in India and exposed to Ayurveda, I knew that there are some oils which do wonders to our health but I don't know which oils they are. In the market, there are many oils available which claim miraculous results but I did not know if I can trust those claims and buy. So, I was always skeptical to try out oils. Some years back, my mentors Ruchi Sanjil launched their own aromatherapy oils which they have researched for years and tried and tested personally. This was a great trust factor to me because my experience has been that my mentors only promote good…


Magic of 100 days

Being humans, it is common to have problems in life. Sometimes, these problems can be overwhelming and we wonder how to solve them. Before seriously pursuing the path of Pranic Healing, I was also overwhelmed with the problems in my life and I did not know how to solve them other than praying to God. The only solution I knew was prayers. In 2012, when I was going through suicidal tendencies, I approached my mentors Ruchi Sanjil for a solution and they suggested me to do 100 days of meditation. I did not think whether I can do it or not. I just wanted…


My humble Tribute to every parent out there

My husband and I were in a relationship for 1 year before our marriage and most of our conversations focused on Guru and spirituality as our common passion is Guru. Our love for Guru brought us together and its the key of our marriage. We used to talk about Guru and Guru's teachings for hours and hours on phone. I remember one such discussion where I said Guru is the greatest person in this world. My husband said - "No, mother is the greatest. That's what out scriptures say. Mathru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava! Acharya is after mother and father.…

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Lessons on Tough Love – Part 2

This blog is contributed by Srividhya Swaminathan==================================== I came to spirituality and pranic healing because of the mental preparation. I love listening to lectures. Till date all my free time is spent listening to lectures. One such lecture I heard during foundation day celebration reflected on how to see our spiritual Guru.  While the live lecture was on, someone typed saying 'I hero worship Master'. The person who was giving the discourse did not like the word and he so beautifully explained where he was coming from. This really opened my eyes on how to take charge of our emotions, how to see our…

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Tough Love

How Arhatic Prep-1 Course empowered me

This blog is contributed by Sujatha Sivapooja ===================================================== At some or the other time, we might have felt these emotions. I do so much for them, but they never understand how much pain I am taking for them.I have done so much sacrifices, but still, I don't get enough recognition.Frustration, pent up emotions for years and a sudden blast one day which disturbs life so much. In such situations, we generally think of karma, forgiveness etc. Recently, I had a different perspective. I many times heard that true love is based on accurate perception and accurate perception helps to develop unconditional love.I never really…


Lessons on tough love that I learnt from my in-laws

This blog is contributed by Srividhya Swaminathan ==============================================I come from a very loving & supportive family. Like all kids , we were completely pampered in every possible way. My family is very expressive in sharing love , concern & bonding.Interestingly, God always makes sure we are in a completely different setup after marriage.(I guess that's how all of us grow up) .I was no exception. Ours was an arranged marriage.  I was very warmly accepted by my in laws. They gave me sarees, jewellery - exactly like how they got it done for their daughter. Wedding card was printed with titles 'Wedding of our children'…


How IWC Pranic healing helped me practice Yoga better

This blog is contributed by Swapna Samineni ======================= I want to share my experience in how Pranic Healing changed my life. It helped me tremendously in my astanga yoga practice. I am a yoga practitioner from few years.After my completion of Basic Pranic Healing workshop, I decided to deepen my practice in yoga.I started doing regular practice of forgiveness and twin hearts meditation(or wellness meditation). Slowly I saw many changes in my life .I started becoming more peaceful and progressed in yoga practice. In the meantime I became a certified yoga teacher. After my completion of arhatic yoga,I started seeing lot of difference in…


4 lessons my T-Shirt taught me about life

Sometimes, life's profound lessons are taught through very ordinary circumstances. Here is one such ordinary situation involving my t-shirt which taught me a profound lesson. One fine day, all my t-shirts piled up and I did not wash them. I completely forgot and I realized it on the day I needed t-shirts. I was mildly irritated. And then my husband said - "you face this issue because you have very less number of t-shirts. Why don't you order new t-shirts? your problem will be solved." His logic made sense to me and I bought 4 new t-shirts to solve this problem once for all.…

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How Pranic Healing protected us from a financial scam

Money - It is a great power. It can bring great amount of good in this world if we use it properly and view it properly. Problems start when we become obsessed with it or horde it or become greedy about it.Couple of recent experiences prompted me to write this blog. Intention of writing this blog is to create an awareness about a financial scam so that no one loses their money. In 2017, one fine day, a very good friend of my husband called. Lets call him Alex(name changed to protect privacy). He calls my husband regularly and he has been a very…

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