Pranic Healingis a highly developed and tested system of energy energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruah or the Breath of Life in the Old Testament.

In Ancient times, Pranic Healing could only be practiced by an elite few. The goal of Pranic Healing was to develop a very effective healing system, which ordinary people could learn in just a short period. Anybody can practice pranic healing now. The knowledge of being able to deal with simple ailments is quite empowering.

Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy healing,  It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body.

Pranic Healing is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, or energy body, which is a mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This energy body absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic Healing works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body. You can learn to perform Pranic Healing® on yourself and your loved ones in these powerful result-oriented workshops. Pranic healing also influences the proper functioning of chakras within the energy body, which in turn are responsible for proper regulation of life force in the bioplasmic body, which manifests in the upkeep of good health.

Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it.

Applications of Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing can be applied to bring about a state of physical well-being. Parents can bring down the temperature of their children in just a few hours. Cough and cold can usually be cured in a day or two. Pain due to mechanical injury can be reduced almost instantly. Pranic healing protocols also exist for major illnesses such as eye, liver, kidney, and heart problems, which can be alleviated over a period of time.

Advanced Pranic healing contains protocols and methodologies for healing ailments of the different systems of the body:
•Immunity and Defence System•Disorders of the Eye, Ear and Throat•Skin Disorders•Heart and Circulatory Ailments•Respiratory Ailments•Gastrointestinal Ailments•Urinary Ailments•Reproductive Ailments•Endocrine Ailments•Skeletal and Muscular Disorders•Blood Disorders•Disorders of the Brain and Nervous System•Tumours and Cancer

Pranic Psychotherapy on the other hand uses Pranic Healing principles for the treatment of psychological ailments. Pranic Psychotherapy contains protocols and methodologies for healing the following conditions and ailments:•Healing Stress, Irritability, Anxiety, Grief and Hysteria•Healing Phobias, Trauma, Obsessions and Compulsions•Healing Addiction: Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Addiction•Healing Depression•Healing Violent and Paranoid Patients•Healing Mentally Retarded Patients

It should be noted that Pranic Psychotherapy is only intended to supplement psychological counselling or psychiatric treatment. Patients with serious psychological ailments must consult psychologists, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists.
There is a lot more to Pranic Healing than just healing. Pranic Healing also teaches one to harness the possibility of using positive energy to bring in bring in harmony and productivity to every aspect of our lives. Pranic Healers around the world have started using Pranic Healing for their businesses, homes, relationships, projects and studies with fantastic results.Pranic Healing also teaches techniques such as Pranic Breathing, a practice by which you literally breathe in the difference into your physical, emotional and energy levels by taking them to a more relaxed state of being and dynamic meditation techniques such as the Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination which enhances connection with the soul (the divine nature), and sharpens intuition and spiritual growth.

Pranic Healing practitioners across the world have reported the following benefits from the• Improved health and increased stamina•Inner peace and happiness•Better memory and concentration•Rapid spiritual growth•Reduced stress•Better interpersonal skills•Greater self-esteem•Attain the ability to attract good luck and become more prosperous.

We urge you to experience these benefits for yourself.
 Pranic Healing influences this natural life force and the bioplasmic body to bring about a healthier physical body. In chemistry, electrical energy is sometimes used as a catalyst to increase the rate of chemical reaction. Light can affect chemical reaction. In the same way, in pranic healing, prana serves as the catalyst to accelerate certain reactions involved in the natural healing process of the human being.

There is nothing paranormal about Pranic Healing. Just about anyone can learn to use these simple but powerful techniques to bring about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather to complement it.
For severe ailments and persistent symptoms, the affected persons are advised to consult a medical practitioner / doctor to get proper medical treatment.
Pranic Healing is a system of balancing energy for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and empowerment only and is not intended to replace the prevalent medical or physiological diagnosis and treatment. It is only meant to complement them and to be used as a preventive system.
Pranic Healing practitioners do not physically touch the recipient’s body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or promises.
A Pranic Healing Practitioner is not a licensed physician, surgeon or psychotherapist. They are neither authorised nor competent to make medical diagnosis or give medical prescription and are strictly prohibited from giving medical advice or interfering with the medical advice given by a competent medical practitioner/doctor.