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Feedback and experience of my wesak meditation session

Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 2, 2022

Dear All,

I am glad to share my wesak meditation experience,

That I attended first time,

As told to put our wishes after completing meditation…..

Miraculous! to believe it started materializing for me,within few gap and I believe anyone else can also achieve the same and experience the same bliss and happiness….

I Am truely honoured being a part of it!

Thanks to Masters, Gurus and complete IWC family.

Sonia Saxena

Wesak Meditation

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May 17, 2022

Atma Namaste,

We enjoyed the Wesak meditation, the mantra chants, Satsang before the meditation explaining the importance and above all, we had opportunity to participate in the virtual grid and enjoy good karma of bringing down the divine energies….

I had amazing spiritual experiences during meditation.

Lots of Love from my crown to this lovely Divine couple.

Bless you, guys.!

Srividhya Swaminathan

Wonderful Experience

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 17, 2022

Joined Wesak online meditation from Seattlet this time. It was a wonderful experience, very powerful. From the moment the Chanting started the energies were very very strong . The preparatory meditation was excellent. The explanation of Wesak was superb. The Wesak meditation was absolutely blissful. Tremendous Gratitude to IWC.

Divleen Sidhu

On the day of Wesak, Lord Buddha downpours the vibrations of the higher realms onto the earth. For spiritual seekers, this is a once-in-a-year opportunity to attain the best and highest good for themselves and the entire human race by becoming a channel of these energies.Wesak Meditation is done at the special pre-defined astrological time (Mahurat) all over the world by thousands of participants.

This is also wish-fulfilling meditation to manifest your wishes and the wishes of your dear ones.Please write your wishes in advance. You may join the WhatsApp group for receiving instructions for writing your wishes. Following Items can be kept for blessing.

  1. Water bottles, food items
  2. Healing crystals, crystal jewellery
  3. Wishes (written on a paper)
  4. Photos of those who need healing

Instructions for Wesak:
Arrange seating position so that you are facing the East direction.
Wear white or light color clothes to become a better channel.
Taking a salt water bath before meditation is highly recommended.
You can use your meditation mat and meditation shawl.
Those who have done MLS can also use the prosperity mat and the Satgopuram.
Preferably join the meeting at 8.30 am IST to participate in the group Buddha Chants.