Improved WBC count

I am G.Prashanthi, working as a Physiotherapist at a renowned Physiotherapy centre, I want to share my
experience with therapeutic energy healing and how it helped my mother to recover quickly from the critical state of her

I used to do Physiotherapy for my friend Deepthi’ son, I noticed that he is showing faster improvement
than other kids with similar condition. Later I came to know that he was undergoing energy healing treatment. I
got interested in Energy Healing and did level 1 course in Feb 2011 at Inner Wellness Circle Gachibowli.Four months back my mother got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, she was taking the prescribed medication.

High medicine dosage was given to control her hyperthyroidism and my mother’s body was not accepting it.
Slowly side effects of the medicine started developing i.e. the body’s W.B.C (immunity) cells started dying, it
came down to 900, (normal range is 4,500 to 11000). She had 104 fever, we had to admit her in a nearby
hospital in Vidyanagar. For about 2 days there was no improvement and WBC count further came down to
600. The doctors told us that her state is critical and she should be kept in isolation as her body has no
immunity. We then shifted her to Yashodha hospital.

The doctors there told that we are late in bringing her and that her total body has started sepsis. They told that they will try their level best but before they can give any assurance, at least the WBC count should increase to 1500 2000. They kept her in isolation and under high antibiotics to protect the body from outer infections. They also told that if the WBC count further falls, the body may or may not respond to the treatment.

Truly that night my mind went blank and I did not sleep the whole night praying to God that my mother should recover. In the morning (21-Jul-11) I remembered Energy Healing, I called up Ruchi and requested for healing. The first day 3 healings were done and within a day the WBC count increased to 900, by the second day to 1500 and
by 3rd day it was 4,500. A great miracle of my life, I never expected my mother could recover so quickly, she
was out of danger by the 3rd day and by fifth day all her infections and temperature came down and she was
talking with us, eating and walking in the room.

Doctors initially told me that it will take at least 15 days for her to recover totally and they too didn’t expect such
fast recovery. According to medical information many such cases of fall of WBC go to plateau stage where
WBC count does not increase further. The doctors attending my mother mentioned that this was the 3rd case
with drug induced leucopoenia in their 10 years service & they had not seen such fast recovery. They were
very happy with my mother’s improvements.

Healing continued for 10 days till my mother got discharged from the hospital on 29th Jul 11. By the last day her
WBC count increased to 7,500. The treatment for her hyperthyroidism continued with alternate medications for
2 months and she was referred for iodine therapy. During these 40 days (from 24 Aug to 2nd Oct) again
healing was performed and my mother did not have any side effects with the drug, on the contrary her weight
improved by 5 kgs. At last she successfully underwent iodine therapy and she is doing fine.

All the healing process was done distantly with cell phone as a mechanism of feedback and communication. I
wish to express my deep gratitude to Therapeutic Energy Healing and its founder. I would also like to thank Ruchi
and Sanjil for healings & also to Deepthi, my friend because of her I came to know about Energy Healing.

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