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Eligibility: TEH Level 3
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(The Spiritual Science of Materialization)

Tap into your full potential and create the life you truly desire through the spiritual science of Materialization to create a life of prosperity and success both materially & spiritually.

  • Discover Kriya Siddhi, how it operates, & the benefits it offers
  • Techniques for materialization & how to use them effectively
  • Goal concretization & process to feed it continuously with shakti for the rapid materialization
  • Quick & very effective meditation for prosperity to create magnetism for attracting prosperity & good luck in day-to-day life
  • Spiritual purification technique to get rid of energy blocks of poverty, & fill yourself with the energies of prosperity
  • Discover the ancient secret gestures (mudras) of the hands and eyes, known only to high-level magicians, to manifest your desires.
  • Stimulate & strengthen your chakra of prosperity to effortlessly manifest success and abundance
  • Discover the art of creating powerful genies to help you achieve your goals

    And much more in a two days’ workshop filled with interesting facts, theory, practical & easy to apply tips.