Joy of spreading Guru’s teachings

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Guru’s teachings transform one’s life and help a person lead life filled with good health, happiness, prosperity,peace. This has been my experience too after I started practicing the divine teachings given by my Guru. His simplest of the teachings transformed my life tremendously and made me a far better human being that I was few years back. These changes in me surprised me and amazed me and I deeply wished – how wonderful if every person gets a chance to know these teachings! This desire made me look for avenues to spread the teachings.

Luckily, I got two wonderful mentors who are quite rooted in Guru’s teachings and who are very hard working, intelligent,loving. They gave an idea to form a group of like-minded individuals who want to spread the teachings and conduct lectures. That’s how we formed a group and we, as a group,are conducting various programs.

Every month,we conduct a program called – Orientation Lecture on Pranic Healing and Free Healing Camp.This is a 2 hour program. 1 hour is for Orientation Lecture on Pranic Healing. In this 1 hour, a well-trained person takes the audience through the basics and concepts of Pranic Healing. Objective is to give an introduction of Pranic Healing and answer any questions audience might have regarding Pranic Healing. After orientation lecture, anyone who is interested to experience Pranic Healing can get a first-hand experience of it in Free Healing Camp. In Free Healing Camp, seasoned Pranic Healers provide Pranic Healing to interested people. This event is free and open for all.

We have been conducting this program every month since last 1 year and so far we conducted this in various gated communities in Hyderabad.Below are some experiences shared by the organizers of this event

“Since long time, in the back of my mind, I want to let anyone know that orientation and healing camp should be done in our community. For some reason I couldn’t not tell or do anything about it. Finally Geethanjali asked and finally I was so thrilled that somehow my thought process materialized. We had a very hectic schedule but I did sharanagathi and initiated this so that entire event goes well. Starting from getting approval till the session completed we left everything to Master and the joy of being a channel to spread his teachings was blissful. Through us people became aware that such priceless teachings exist with open mind and their experience made them to take basic class. What more can we ask or better way than this to spread Master’s teaching. Thank you Master, Geethanjali, IWC service team for giving us this opportunity.” – Dhanu , SMR Vinay Community, Miyapur

“My reasons for conducting the orientation in our community were triggered by my selfishness and greed. I have first hand experienced the miracles of Pranic healing and how the power is in our very own hands to cure ourselves and help others. In addition to that THM is an icing on the cake. I wanted everyone to get introduced to it so that everyone learns the right values n virtues and become more loving, kind and compassionate to others and to themselves. Hence making my community, my city, my country and my world a better place to live for me and all my dear ones. I immediately got my reward through the participants’ gratitude for having introduced to this wonderful world. Also we heard a few stories of how following ( knowingly or unknowingly ) Master’s teachings work their miracles for which I am ever grateful. I pray to our generous God Ganesha and Master to fulfill my greed and introduce every soul to the pranic healing world so that the world becomes a better place for everyone.  So be it. So be it. So be it.”  – Sai Krishna, SMR Vinay Community, Miyapur

“It’s been a time, since we had an orientation lecture and healing camp organized in our society, LnT Serene County. But the experience is absolutely as fresh as yesterday and so very blissful. From the time we committed with the dates, the schedule, things started to flow so very smoothly. We were been helped by other residents too in terms of getting the venue set and working on the energies. Be it from sending a communication across, to blocking the room and working on the energies it was so much in rythm. In every step we knew our beloved Master and our angels are present. Our objective was to bring it to the teenagers and we were amazed to have a sight of around 3-4 youngsters. They were so very responsive during the orientation and also voiced their opinions and put their questions too.We were so very happy to see that by the grace of Master who all are ready are moving forward towards the teachings of pranic healing and today there are around 24 to 25 pranic healers in LnT. It gives us immense pleasure and a deep feeling of satisfaction that we had an opportunity to be a channel in our own way and be able to introduce them to pranic healing” – Prama and Naina, LnT Serene County, Gacchibowli

So far , through this program, Pranic Healing was introduced to more than 80 people. Blow are some experiences shared by the participants of this programs

“Magical, the pain almost disappeared” – Rupa
“Very relaxing” – Manju
“Excellent Relief” – Sandhya
“Light in the head, nice & happy” – Daphne
Please find more details about the experiences of participants in the PPT at

This program also gave our group a great opportunity to do service , to learn new things on healing, to form deep bonds of friendship with each other and to grow together spiritually.Overall, it has been very enriching experience to conduct this program every month.

Personally, my journey in Pranic healing started from one such program conducted by my mentors in my office. I attended it casually on a Sunday morning and little did I know that this small event would transform my life so deeply. I am forever grateful to my mentors for conducting the program in my office in 2009

If any of you too want to introduce Pranic healing to group of people in your own community or work place, please Whatsapp or call 7995465737. Our group will be very happy to provide you all the assistance you need.

Practice diligently.Purify yourself.Spread the teachings – Guru

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