(Synthesis of Advanced Yogic Practices)

This workshop lays down foundation of Inner Alchemy Yoga. It is a synthesis of Yogic Practices, designed to help safe and rapid spiritual development. It embodies Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Bhakti yoga, Raja yoga and Dhyana yoga.

Its purpose is “self-realization or soul realization”. Inner Alchemy Foundation workshop is systematically laid down course which involves preparations and purification and integration of physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies through five pillars. Inner Alchemy stresses specifically upon raising the Kundalini energy in a safe manner. The precautions to be taken and how to handle different problems that can arise when the Kundalini ‘wakes up’ or gets activated. And by coupling Inner Alchemy Yoga with Therapeutic Energy Healing, the practitioner is well prepared to handle any obstacle which may be encountered in the path.

Course Coverage:

  • The Five Pillars and Five Virtues.
  • Purification techniques for removing unwanted samskaras (tendencies or psychic imprints)
  • Techniques to safely and effectively awaken the “Kundalini Energy” (Kundalini Dhyan)
  • Techniques for Inner Stillness (Inner Alchemy Dhyan)
  • How to utilize creative energy (Transmutation of Sexual energy Technique)


  • Develop a Balanced Personality
  • Develop a powerful brain with greater intuition
  • Mental, Emotional Clarity and have greater insights and access to higher dimensions
  • Experience A Healthier You – upgrade your physical and energy body
  • Increased Healing Powers (self-recuperation & healing others), heightened awareness and sensitivity
  • Practical Spiritual and Material Guidance
  • Establishing the proper hierarchy between subtle bodies to become a greater instrument of Divine.