In Basic Pranic healing we use white color Prana to clean and energize body parts, chakra and organs.In Advanced Pranic  healing, we are introduced the concept of color Prana. Different color Pranahave different properties. The colors impact us all the time in our day to day life. Different chakras are source of different color Prana. In this methodology we use color Prana. The advanced color Pranaare readymade energy source and can be directly absorbed by the chakras and organs, reducing the time lag.In aroma therapy we know the plant source of the color Prana, so instead of using Prana through healer, the plant material (essential oil) can be applied in the affected part or chakras. This healing methodology is very good for those healers who are too intellectual and are unable to believe on what can’t be seen. Also there is no scanning, no disposal unit, no hand movement etc.Aromatherapy is also great in the sense that there is no such possibility of contamination.  Healers, can also use aromatherapy for increasing the healing power and for self psychic defense.This aromatherapy is different from the commonly understood aromatherapy which focus mostly on the perfumes or smell aspect. In this aromatherapy we focus more on the Prana aspect. In this methodology we go by the concept of color Prana and chakras, hence weleverage on the knowledge of advanced Pranic healing and advanced healing protocols for various ailments. Hence the advance Pranic healing is pre-requisite, in order to use the knowledge and the advanced healing protocols using aromatherapy.The essential oils have crystalline molecular structure. Hence they can be consecrated (energized and programmed) to significantly improve their effect.Aromatherapy can be applied for healing (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual etc.), house/place, for prosperity and love aspects of life.Aromatherapy can be used to significantly improve the energies of your place, healing area, study room, living area, bed room, meditation room etc. with required kind of Prana by applying aromatherapy.Aroma therapy is handy, for example of someone’s immunity is low say in viral fever, in order to enhance immunity in advanced Pranic healing we will apply violet or red color Prana in hand and sole minor chakra. In aroma therapy we will simply apply the essential oils which contain violet or red color Prana on the chakra. It is as simple as that.Aromatherapy protocols are available for almost all diseases like Viral, cough, cold, thyroid problem hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, relationship, personality issues, improving focus. weight loss etc. to name a few.Duration        One  Days WorkshopTime              9.30 am to 6.30 pmLanguage      EnglishPrerequisite            Advanced Energy HealingPlease register in advance for upcoming workshop by responding through mail ( or phone (9000498135).Origin and History of AromatherapyProperties and usage since ancient timesBasics of Prana based Aromatherapy.Color Prana contained in Herbs, Essential oilsEssential oil combinations (recipes) for different purposesVarious ways of applying aromatherapyHow to prepare aura sprayer for specific requirementsHow to consecrate essential oils for health, love & prosperityAromatherapy for enhanced meditation experiencesAromatherapy for deep sleep, enhanced astral/inner experiences during sleepAromatherapy for love, romance and relationshipsAromatherapy to heal the house/room, and for prosperityAromatherapy for self healingAromatherapy for self psychic defenseAromatherapy massageAromatherapy for beautyAnd much more in a day’s workshop filled with interesting facts, theory and practical. Inner Wellness Circle, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India