Arhatic Retreat 2018 – Joy of giving

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This blog is an anonymous contribution

It felt like UNIVERSE had taken my intention and harvested into a GOLDEN opportunity, before even i thought it could happen. Mysteries of Universe is a wonder.

Since childhood I was wondering about to know myself, looking into the sky and asking UNIVERSE where I am heading, what is the purpose of me living on Earth. I would feel something is missing in my life always for which I am yearning for. Life continued and few years later I had been introduced to the world of ENERGY through PRANIC HEALING, which had turned my life to TRANSFORMATION like BEFORE and AFTER. Months passed and I had completed almost many courses offered by foundation, and started to practice, along with keeping an eye on other subjects which are worth learning. Pranic Healing was the bridge for all what I knew. My life improved in many dimensions of life both material as well as spiritual. Wonders keep happening like it is normal happening. This year ARHATIC YOGA RETREAT held in the month of August 2018 was something different to me. It gave me many teachings, clarifications and also wish fulfilling.

Since years i have been hearing from my friends, relatives, well-wishers about their earning in lakhs and multiples, which were and still are like awe to me. I felt very bad on my part that I was not so successful, but had a confidence that I will succeed all the time. Few days before retreat the same thing happened with my friend about earnings and I felt like , these people are earning so good amounts, I wish I too have an opportunity to prove myself.

Few days or weeks before retreat I prayed to MASTER and the UNIVERSE to give me an opportunity to prove myself that I AM no lesser than any of the successful persons, and also wished that I would be happy and successful if I were able to tithe the amounts which people say they were earning, though it was out of my earning capacity.During retreat time I had some visions. After completing day 1, at night I had some visions showing me amounts in figures of 50,000 and 1,00,000, and some amount which I did not understand. Later on the 2nd night of retreat also the same vision happened with more brightness this time and was also clear vision. On the 3rd there came the opportunity to prove myself. The announcement was done on ASHRAM and in the spot I got the clarification of my vision and the next moment I raised my hand to donate towards manifestation of Ashram. 

I, without second thought, committed to donate 1 Lakh+ Rupees for the Ashram, and registered my name. This was the moment to prove myself that I am no lesser than the richest. This was the moment I was eagerly waiting for. It was by blessings of Master and all the Hierarchy I was able to manifest my wish The moment when Acharya Sasidhar was decreeing the amounts on behalf of all the donors and blessing, I had continuous tears of joy flowing throughout the 15 minutes. I have no words to express my happiness at that moment. Even now when writing this, my eyes are filled with tears. 

I would like to thank all for reading my experience, and also would with sincere heart convey that, you are no lesser than anyone, believe in this. It is the same energy which is required to make 100 rupees or 100 lakhs or whatever, but we think that is the big money and we can’t achieve. As said in the recent post by Atma Anuradha, Universe only looks for intention behind and not the hard work or luck. Remove the block that achieving something big is out of your boundary. You will surely win one day. Believe in yourself. Believe in Master and his teachings. Believe the Universe is waiting for your command to shower whatever you want to achieve.

Thanking you all for reading this post.Wish you all a great success ahead.

Atma Namaste

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