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Past Life Healing Therapy

It is ancient spiritual practice practiced by Rishis and used extensively by Lord Mahavira and Lord Gautam Buddha to attain self realization. This practice is to release the psychic garbage which one is carrying in the subconscious over several life times. This Sadhana is translated in English to past life regression therapy, however it is not accurate. In this sadhana the goal is to release and unburden and become lighter, rather than going into what is being released. In Many instances this stored psychic garbage is the cause of the current problems in life. When we release this, the life and the destiny changes and the impending road blocks are cleared. This term was given by Lord Patanjali in his Yoga Sutra: He discusses the idea of the soul becoming burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the karma from previous lives. Patañjali called this process as prati-prasav (literally "reverse birthing"), and saw it as addressing current problems through memories of past lives. However the technique was kept secret.

This is a two hour session practice is part of "intense spiritual practice session". For this practice the pre-requisite is "Arhatic Preparatory level 2". 

You may expect to experience the following during the session:

  • Feel much lighter throughout the session, and subsequently

  • Have experience of inner bliss

  • Reach in the state of samadhi or trance with No Thought state

  • May have visions* of past unreleased incidents/traumas etc. causing issue(s) in the present life

  • May have visions of future (progression)

  • Healing of body, emotions, mind and spirit through full body relaxation along with yogic breathing technique

* Not everyone may be able to see the past in first sessions based on various reasons. However the purpose is to release and feel lighter which will definitely occur.

There is a whole lot of spiritual infrastructure hidden within us. Our spiritual architecture is layered. It consists of several layers. Just like computer networking architecture. The lowest layer is physical (body). Some system categorize this as 3 layers, some 5 and some 7, it depends on at what level it is being looked at. Some of our deities shown with 3/5/7 heads etc. represents the same.


Let us consider 5 layer architecture for the time being. According to this we have 5 different bodies (layers) namely:

1. Physical body (annmaya kosh)

2. Etheric body (pranamaya kosh)

3. Astral body (Manomaya kosh)

4. Mental body (Gyanmaya kosh)

5. Spiritual body (Anandmaya kosh)

All the details of the current life, and all the past lives are stored in the mental body and spiritual body...each specific detail. Spirituality growth just means developing our spiritual infrastructure. So people who have developed to a certain degree can see and read their records. For example Buddha was able to see and release his past lives. The record of his past lives is available under "Jatak Katha". Mahavir's past lives stories are available under title "Jati Smaran". Below link has a very interesting story:


Many of the issues we may be facing in the current life could be due to past traumas not yet released. For example it is possible that if a person fears from height could have died falling from height in his/her past lives etc. The purpose of this Sadhana is to release those traumas so that the present problems are resolved. People who have realized can even see the records of others and know about them. West has developed some techniques using which psychiatrists are able to do past lives regression. if you read books from Brian L. Weiss one may find more detail on this. However the purpose is release the traumas, and not to make stories/biographies out of it. Many times what a person may be seeing his/her past lives through these techniques may be mere person's fantasies. In order to accurately see a person should have purified his/her self through years of meditation practices.


Soul's growth is a evolution process, if a typical person sees his past lives, he/she will find that in past hundreds of life the person would he human (either man or women), before that animal, before that plant, before that rock/crystal/minerals etc. The soul does not have gender; based on the evolutionary requirements (based on the evaluation of one's karma) a soul decides the gender.


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