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Ruchi [M Phil, IIT Roorkee] & Sanjil [M. Tech, IIT Kanpur] are Healers & Instructors of Energy Healing and meditation of various levels.

They have been pursuing this field since 2001 having 12+ years of experience.

After successful 12+ years of IT career they left their job at multinational to dedicate themselves for spreading this work.

  * * *

Ruchi and Sanjil got introduced to Pranic Healing in year 2001. As the fate had planned, they went to their native place to attend their cousin's marriage. There Sanjil's father suffered from a severe heart attack. He was put in an ICU, more than a week passed, but nothing was improving. In those desperate moments, Sanjil remembered of one of the IIT professor's wife who had mentioned to him about Pranic Healing during his M Tech days, so he went to her. She along with one of her colleague came and did distant healing for his father. Miraculously his father's health started improving. The next day he was in private room. The doctor said some things have miraculously started working. That day both Ruchi and Sanjil decided to learn this art. Sanjil's father was later operated for bypass. He survived till 2007 mostly with the aid of healing, (which used to be done distantly), as after the operation his heart was working only 25%. This experience made them take a vow that this is not going to happen to them. The life is not to fall sick and die in the end. They promised that they will work towards whatever it may take to experience life beyond physical realm while still alive. They already had some experience of miracle that had saved his father's life.

They both learned the basic course in the science and art of healing at Kanpur in Jan 2001. When they came to Hyderabad, they were delighted to know that it was more wide-spread in Hyderabad. They did the higher level courses in Hyderabad. Later on using this knowledge, they were able to heal many people to give them proof of something beyond what normal senses could perceive.

  * * *

You know Lord Buddha just saw an old and sick man, and he knew that the same is going to happen to him, and he lost his peace until he worked for his enlightened and achieved. For people like most of us, even though our near and dears suffer and die, we don't realize that the same would happen to us (or to our dears) one day. We don't think of working out a way, following the path of those few who have already succeeded. We get lost in mundane things, and have no time for taking the preventive actions until the problems struck, and no time is left.

If one day we have to suffer and die, at that time nothing of what we have achieved in the physical world will matter. Past howsoever pleasant it may be: is nothing but a memory which is of little use. At the end of the day what is left of a dream is also just memory…

This doesn’t mean that success in the physical word is to be ignored. Actually spirituality is the direction of those who after successful in the physical world realize that this does not give them the peace/bliss/happiness they were looking for. Very few people will have wisdom to realize this and prioritize their life appropriately.

This leaves me with the objective to work with full focus for self realization, and also influence those in my company for the same. Any effort that we take up is motivated by these.

May we all achieve the real goals for which we have come to this planet. So be it.


Inner Wellness Circle, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” - Lao Tzu

Lets change our direction towards: Love, Peace and Enlightenment here & NOW… Lets make a firm resolution:

"So grateful that I am practicing my meditation schedule regularly." 
So be it! So Be It! So be it!

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6.30 to 7.45 am daily
     8.00 to 9.15 am daily

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